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Purchasing a Kitten from Us

If you are interested in a Ragdoll kitten from our cattery, you must put your name on the waiting list. When kittens are born, I notify those on the list. At the time the kittens are born you can reserve a kitten by sending an earnest money deposit of $200.00. The kitten will be available to go to his or her new home at approximately 12 weeks of age. Purchase of a kitten is not guaranteed without a deposit. Please do not send money for a kitten unless you have made a decision to buy. By putting down an earnest money deposit you are agreeing to buy a kitten from our cattery and you are entering into a contract to do so. Once you agree to put down an earnest money deposit to hold a kitten we will not sell that kitten to any other person. To insure that buyers are sincere about about buying, the earnest money deposit will be forfeited if you decide not to buy a kitten from us. You may, however, move your deposit to a different kitten including to a future (un-born) kitten if you so decide.

You may visit us when the kittens are old enough for visitors. This will usually be possible when they are between 7-8 weeks of age. I like to vaccinate the kittens (at age 7 weeks) prior to visits because there is actually a high likelihood of disease transmission from outside cats. 

Cats are very vulnerable to germs from other locations. Indoor cats do not have immunity to disease from the greater world around them. After years of owning, showing and breeding cats we have determined that germs can be picked up on shoes, clothing and of course hands and transmitted to kittens. In addition, in Colorado we have giardia in all waterways and it is transmitted from birds that drink from the waterways. We unfortunately live in a winter geese flyway. In order to keep this virus out of our home, we may ask you to remove shoes, especially in the winter/spring when germs build up in the snow melt. If I feel it is necessary to protect the kittens I will ask you to also wear smocks while holding the kittens. We ask you to not visit another cattery or animal shelter on the day that you visit us. This is for the protection of the kittens and mothers. We feel we would not be able to give people healthy strong kittens if they become ill from potent outside germs at the very vulnerable age of 7-9 weeks of age. If you do visit another animal facility would you please inform us, so that we can take the necessary precautions. We do not believe that the other catteries are unclean, it is just a fact that they have different or mutated germs that our cats are not immuned to. 

The price of pet quality kittens varies depending on markings and other qualities. Kittens are considered pet quality due to the placement of their white markings as well body structure. Kittens sold as pets cannot be used for breeding.

Breeders and show cats are sold only by special arrangement. The price for breeders is $1600 and up. The price for show cats is $1200 and up. Breeder and show cats that we sell meet much of the conformation required of a show cat and frequently have near-perfect patterns. 
























































































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