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We are Ragdoll Breeders in Ft. Collins, Colorado





The Mothers

"Overland Trail Scraggle"

Scraggle has a gorgeous, soft coat, good eyeshape and color. She is a little over a year now and will be an upcoming breeder.



"Soap Bubble Vitus of Overland Trail"

Vitus is a young Seal Mitted Male. We look forward to using him in our breeding program this year. He has a perfect profile and ear set and great eye quality. He is a lovable and sweet Ragdoll Cat. Vitus was "Made in Switzerland" and came all the way here to us from Paula Brunner of Soap Bubble Ragdoll Cats.

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat










"Overland Trail Trinity"

Trinity is a great mother. She produces kittens that are big and have that Ragdoll plush coat. She has a very soft coat that doesn't matt. She is a very sweet girl.

"Purrbabies Waimea"

Waimea is a new female in our breeding program. She is a very sweet Ragdoll cat. She is good sized and has a beautiful coat of fur that always looks just perfect. She will most likely have her first litter of Ragdoll kittens this summer.



"CH. Overland Trail Hilde"

Hilde will give birth to her second litter of Ragdoll kittens later this month. Ragdoll Kittens in her first litter were very nice and we are waiting to see what she will have this time around. Her first litter consisited of 10 kittens! She is quite the producer.







Some of our Male Ragdolls
















Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

"Rags2riches Doc Holliday of OverlandTrail". He is also known as "Gus".

Gus is one of our foundation Ragdoll breeders for our cattery. He is very sweet and soft spoken. He loves to have head strokes. Gus has a very nice head for a Ragdoll cat, a perfect V and an exceptional disposition. He also has a very sweet expression.

"Dollvalley Rhinestone Cowboy".

He is better known as just "Cowboy".

Cowboy comes to us from New York State. He is the father to many of the kittens we are producing currently. He has those gorgeous Ragdoll eyes - deep blue color and is a very big boy.








" Ch. Overland Trail Wyatt Earp" 

Wyatt is the sweetest Ragdoll cat you will ever meet. He likes to be held in your arms like a baby. He is quite a gigantic baby at that. He is the biggest boy we have at our cattery at this time. Wyatt enjoys laying in your arms watching television, which he will do for up to an hour. Wyatt has that great Ragdoll disposition, a bunny like coat, big size and the greatest flop factor we have ever seen. 







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